Onetheci is a demonic ruler of evil. He is the twisted emperor of the Shallows, a dark and evil dimension. He is the "Final Boss" of all of Overlord Redigit's quests. After killing him, return to Overlord Redigit, and he give you Heaven's might , and 50 Platinum Coins. The arena is him sitting in the middle, and then there are three platforms on each side. Two are above him diagnolly left and right, directly left and right of him, and angled down to his left and right. He has 75,000 HP.


He is a giant, drastically hunched over skeleton corpse in a torn black robe, like the Reapers. He has a large red symbol of three triangles going outwards from the center on the side of his head. He does not carry a visible weapon.


Flame Blasts- Spits a three fireball long blast, that requires a jump to get over it. If not, you will take 30-80 damage. His eyes flash orange three times and then a second later the attack comes.

Nightmare Grasp- Fires a spectral purple hand that causes nightmare. It takes up half the screen tall, but a quarter of the screen long. He will fire it on the top or bottom, and you can jump or fall off the platforms to avoid it. It will deal 100-120 damage, and inflict Nightmares. As a warning, his eyes will turn purple from the start to the end of the attack.

Death Call- Will summon three Reapers, and fire a purple laser that chases the player for three seconds. Every second will deal 60-140 damage and inflict Nightmares that STACKS UP. He raises one of his hands before the enemies arrive.

After this he wil become vulnerable, and can take damage, he will then repeat the phases.